mediven® thrombexin® 21

Anti-embolism stockings

  • Firm hold thanks to silicone topband
  • Breathable and particularly soft antibacterial toe

 Medische specificaties

Stocking for clinical compression.

In the case of immobile, bed-ridden patients, it is important to keep the patient as comfortable as possible as well as providing thrombosis prophylaxis. medi has developed the solution for this: mediven thrombexin 21.


Voordelen van product

  • Anatomically knitted stocking with an exactly defined pressure gradient for differentiated physical thrombosis prophylaxis

  • Simple handling and saving of time take the pressure off nursing staff and optimise patient care

  • Colour coded size system for quick and simple selection of the stocking size

  • Increased compliance thanks to high elasticity and the specially soft, skin friendly and active breathing knit

  • High efficiency thanks to multiple use

  • With a pressure of 21 mmHg at the ankle for patients with a higher risk of thrombosis


Standaard kleuren

Bestanddelen materiaal

18% elastane, 82% polyamide


S – L-X


Thigh-length stocking (AG)

Medische specificaties


  • Physical thrombosis prophylaxis for partially immobile patients, pre-, intra and post-operative
  • Patients with a history of deep venous thrombosis
  • Immobile patients with a higher risk of thrombosis
  • Prevention of oedema and haematoma of partially immobile patients
  • Bedridden patients with venous disorders