lipomed® blackline

Compression pantyhose

  • Dual fastener for a special grip
  • Additional massage effect thanks to the nubbed structure
  • Also suitable for wearing at night

 Spécifications médicales

Effective compression for optimum shaping

lipomed blackline is supplied in two exclusive variants: as an individually adapted made to measure garment and as a standard model. lipomed blackline fulfils all requirements on medical safety and secures the outcome of your operation. Pleasant wearing properties, fashionable design and practical features make it easier for you to wear lipomed constantly and to feel comfortable thereby.


Avantages du produit

  • Dual closures for twice the hold: the combination of the row of hooks and Velcro fastener makes it easier to put on and gives a secure grip. Pinpoint skin contact: the nubbed structure gently massages the tissues and supports the compression effect without causing stress. Integrated hygiene opening: the generous hygiene opening makes it easier to wear consistently "around the clock".


Couleurs standards


B – N Below the bust to ankle
D – N Below the bust to below the knee
F – N Below the bust to mid-thigh
B – M Waist to ankle
D – M Waist to below the knee
F – M Waist to mid-thigh

Spécifications médicales


  • Post-operative compression therapy after liposuction and liposculpture
  • Post-operative compression therapy after abdominoplasty
  • Support for lax connective tissue, e.g. after pregnancy